Pencaitland Railway Walk

Pencaitland Railway WalkPencaitland Railway Walk

The western part of the Pencaitland Railway, as far as Ormiston, was built in 1867 to serve the many mines in the area. It was later extended to Macmerry, Pencaitland and finally Gifford in 1901. The railway continued to serve these communities, carrying passengers, coal, agricultural goods and whisky. After a series of disasters the line was closed in 1965.

Today much of the route between Crossgatehall (near Cousland) and West Saltoun is used as a walk and cycleway. The total distance is 7 miles (11 km) but it is possible to use short sections of the route, which connects into many other paths. There are various access points along the way with parking at Crossgatehall, Ormiston Station, Woodhall, Pencaitland and West Saltoun. Access can also be gained from Elphinstone, Ormiston and at various other points. The route is fairly level with mostly gentle inclines and a firm surface – though some sections can get sludgy when very wet. Would benefit from some extra smallstones to bind the surface.

This route offers wonderful views of parts of East Lothian that are inaccessible by car. The trees and hedgerows along the route offer shelter to a great diversity of wildlife and many rare wild flowers are established along the embankments.

Pencaitland Path



Route from Engine Shed

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